Thursday, August 21, 2008


You,bring me endless joys and happiness,
You,are the reason that I believe Heaven is above,
You,are the one that leads me out from my darnkess,
You,brought me back to the way of endless love,

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Reply for your thoughts

I am going to write a little bit to you (you know who you are)..

I dont know if the post you have blogged about its about me or not..but i assume is a yes coz its the only reasonable person i can think abt right now which is me..

sayang..i know that you went through alot from ur past bitter memories..and if it was me i would have done the same thing..but dont let one bitter situation destory ur future sweet experiences that are bound to happen..i noe its hard for you to open up right now and u are afraid of getting urself hurt again..sayang it takes time for things to patch up..a wound doesnt heal in a day..same goes with the situation you are in right cannot expect yourself to open up right away and therefore you are sorry to no one..its just normal human instincts to protect themselves..

If...just if..u think u are treating me are not..for every sweet moment we went through are shared..every tears we shed are shared..i sayang u as much as u sayang me..there is no unfair sayang..coz i am willing to take the time to wait for until you are ready..and i noe it s hard for you to be ready since your previous scar..let me help you too patch up the scar..smear it with honey and then seal it with a takes time..though i would never noe the final result..

I SINCERELY APPRECIATE EVERY MOMENT THAT WE SPENT TOGETHER,BE IT SWEET OR BITTER..coz it makes me that much of a man that i am today..thank you..and all we can do right every moment of it and cherish the time that we have like it is our last..

Much loves to you sayang..and dont think so much..xoxo..

"Yesterday is history,tomorrow's a mystery,today is a gift,and that it is why its called the present"

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Long long away some dusts..if some is alot..


its been months since i back to post a little..just to show that i still remember my link pass word and account lolx..

its now 9/8/08..alot happened between the time since i last blog and now..alot have changed..alot for the better..

first and foremost..i can take away those emo poems adi..coz im no longer emo..the reason..her..LWC..sayang i noe u will read this one day when u will all of a sudden..tee yew still got blog meh~~~..hahaha..sayang i noe time is of the essence..and all we can do now is to appreciate what we have now..yesterday is history..tomoro is a is a gift..that is why is called have brought me much joy to a level that no one else can bring..and i thank you for evry silly,sad,happy,teary moment i had with you coz it makes my life more meaningful and that much joy..from the bottom of my <3 i sayang you and i thank you..

ok then now is all the kelefe uni life..fuking losts wei..mahai class start adi now still lost..dunno how die adi c the i have it lar diu hahahhahaah~~..then nothing much lor..still foosing much ( wah jian yau so keng liao and i still cannot beat the sau sou lou a.k.a andrew yong)..then kimmy oso now not so close adi alwiz have activities to do..and alvin lai kun fai u steal my gay partner u zipet >.< sad..but still we stick together la ^.^..

been working alot for the past few days..esp with bravo events management..and also one event with intigus (michie's relative punya company)..all been tiring but alot of fun and experience..somemore have extra $$$ to spend that much la..if u finish reading this posts..type a yes/no answer to this ques on my chatbox..

SHOULD I DELETE MY POEMS??..because i felt is my expression of art and something i worked for..and to delete like waste my effort like that..but posting makes people think i emo kid like jian yau's hair >.<..hahaha..

cheers peeps~~..have a good day~

Saturday, May 10, 2008

w00t w00t blogged!

time to blog lol..din update for so long mood to type so much recently since im kinda busy with other things..such as FOOSING hahahha..

oh yeah talking abt recently organized the MAPCU foos tourney..u can get results and the news from shereens blog on my navigation lazy to upload all the photos inside so u guys go check out her bloggie to get it yeah..sori but im reali lazy nowdays lol..hahaha..i played in mixed doubles with natalie..and guess 3rd biggie but since it is the 1st major tourney for me so i guess i kinda take as an achievement la..

met kahar there coz hes from HELP college and took him on for my 1st match..he played well..actually everyone played well that day..natalie was my aweshum partner and she reali put it up when the sitaution needs it to be..2nd match against monash team 1, jhin and christine..i saw their name up next with mine i noe gg adi..hahahha..well lost lor went to the loser bracket but takpe..soldier on to play againts TCPJ team 1 and 2..i played front all the way lor and then in the won both teams..yeah i hacked a feww in SO WHAT!..its legal hahaha..sori yeah..adam&dennis,kim han&eugene played in open doubles..both teams played han keep blaming himself for zhan kei whole day..dun worry kimmy..nex tourney u'll do better~~

that day was awesone and seng kiat the manager reali guided us..thx seng kiat..dennis that day was fuking on form lol..make other teams sek gao peng..but in the end still got 3rd open was reali OMFG..our own andrew take on our own jhin..damn keng wei jhin sheong..played well but that day credits was to andrew coz he reali gave jhin a hard time..hardest time for jhin that day..anyways..bottom line evrything that day was smooth sailing and reali good job to jeannie, chee ho ,reen and the other organizing comittees for such a great job..

recently my life has been going back to sun shine and i even gave up writing those emo emo poems coz i figured it does effect me emotionally although i keep saying it dont..right now i juz wanna make sure im having extreme fun with my friends and let go of the recent fucked up moments that been fuking me lol..wut a line..neways..thx for reading peeps..the musa gang now most prlly in PD having post-tiesto syndromw..hahahah..chill boys and girls..FINALS!!


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blogging Lah now Reen >.<

hahahha reen ..i oso very long din update this for u ok..SINCE U DIN COME TO MONASH CARNIVAL~~!!!

anyways..past few main futsal..friday affair lor..this not many ppl go coz bz mah they all..btw this week dun have itu shereen play..oleh demikian tiada pompuan yang akan run and and down chasing ball like squirrel chasing chestnut,but in shereen's case, macam itu babi mengejar noe not related..but thats how it is blek kesimpulanyer,not as fun as last week coz no ppl come and ATTEMPT to take da ball away from me..but overall the futsal session was reali fun la coz finally theres no corner side stoners this time least got ppl run..and yeah..hong nien shuld play goalkeeper..coz he likes to use his a defender!!! muahahahaha..its ok hong hong..yer so manja call u until..nanti itu grace kusuma come and kill me with her nose..onli copot noe wut it means hahahha..

that way friday la..NOW SATURDAY!!..MONASH CARNIVAL..y i caps lock..dunno y oso..its not like it suck la..but didnt live up to my expectations..coz not many ppl wet until the end of the day..which was wut??..9pm++..anyways ill tell y wut happened la..ok reached at 11am..went there evrybd wut still setting up their stuffs and things la..sampai tak 5 minit..wet adi..itu jeff and chris spray water happpppppppppy~~~ onli..but then itu jeff later on the day missing adi..tak tau sudah pigi mana..anyhu~..the crowd started at 3pm that time me,kim han,alvin,chris,darren,desmond,jason,adeba,cheeho and the other water booths peeps all wet adi..kakakakaka..hahah then we fill the pool with soap powder..and lo and behold here comes MELISSA yang telah dibuang ke dalam itu pool!! trojan man hahahaha..trojan as in the cleaning soap..not the other trojan muahahahahah!!..

then i went home at 3++ and came back at stuffs mah..that time alot ppl and waichien and michie did elaine and the other melissa..then gregory from CIMP also came..sick adi..sniffs sniffs kakakak fever..then all play water gun lor..OH YEAH..i rode the mechanical bull..17 noob..and yeah..sniffs..i sprained my shoulder..dun wanna tell u wut happpened but it has smth to do with water gun..and pump action..and left hand force too much and right hand force din respond..not gonna tell u wut happened..

AND COME 5.30..the time of glory and messy and save rm's Jr burger eating me and kim han and k and chee chan and darren and chris and desmond and jason and sanjay was EATING OUR HEARTS fast as possible that it hahahaha..i got 4th han 3rd..dareen 2nd..1st was one guy named fernando(hes kinda small for a eating champion,but then again theres kobayashi)..hahah kudos to u eating machine..he got rm200 voucher to..wut else..MORE CARLS JR!!..and a VIP card..the rest 20 got rm30 voucher and VIP CARD..for McDonalds..NOTTT!!!!(borat style) more CARL'S JR la obviously hahahaha..

then night was all abt performance and all la..i went kacau gabby's gang and diane runs reali funny and me and nick were reali laughing hahaha..then vivian and jae lee's gang came..went shoot them and make them wet down there..LEG LA MACHA!..shoot slipper onli coz they all wear white..kakakak..OH YEAH!!..cassandra oso got wet but she wore red so..shes kinda wet la considering me and kimmy keep shooting on her onli..SPARTANS!! mercy lol..water gun warriors lol..

then at night we were on a war man..the water gun area was filled..K was busy bcoming GM lol..coz he go water hose..most imba gun there hahaha..cannot mess wan hahaha..then i met this girl named Hannah..yeah we kept targeting on each other lol..and it was great time la actually..but juz did lived up to my expectations onli coz i wanted the WHOLE carnival to be drenched..anyhu..ben's bitches came and they rock with the cha cha ska for amber chia hahaha..funny shyt man they all..and dragon red and sang child's play and 3 other songs..but i like childs play onli la and i was feng tauing to that song..then over aid i went home lor..

now im partly red and partly white with a sprained shoulder..and gd job MUSA!!..


Friday, April 18, 2008

The Death Of Me...

I take one last look at the bright full moon,
Knowing that it will turn darker very soon,
The warmth I felt in my own pool of blood,
While I flash upon my life in my solemn mood.



hahahahha..ive been reali happy for the past 2 days which i dint blog..anyways to tell u its been reali reali reali good..i feel like i think im ready to go back to my former happy forever attitude again..i mean im in the process of recuperation now..actually..i oso dunno if it is true now..but anyways im in a point of no matter wut hell here to face it..AND i noe for sure im not to face it alone coz my peeps will always have my back..gawd im so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so glad i have u peeps as my u guys so much..

anyways..yesterday was totally manila card pasted with papers..but the paper when i read those things inside..its not juz a papaer..its a paper that can light my darkest day up(besides the $$$ paper) u guys..i reali dunno how many more times must i say u guys rock..then evrything was pretty much normal la..went yumcha with jo (sesat guy wtf!)..can c he is happy since valencia won the kings cup..but sad coz 5 points away from relegation lol!!

then 2day..friday..many many things so so so funny..okay 9.30 kononyer have futsal with dennis(my MUSA foosie peep) planet lol..when go there..the guard say 11.00am oni open..wuah then i SO surprised apasal pulak diorang cakap pukul 9.30 ni?..but takpe la..coz in the end kimmy brought his footieball and i brought pump..then we go play futsal on bball court..great match with other monashers la..michie was operating surgery on her DS all the way..hahhaha..then i went to kimmy's house to take shower..then went ROCK CAFE (medan) lol..WUAH SO CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP the food and nice..better than the fuking zibai sohai fukedup sinfullybad smelly guguless fugly monash cafeteria..

ROCK CAFE= nasi saiz gunung,ayam,sayur and loads of tempe and papadam rm5..tasty and gigantic..the name sez it all..ROCK CAFE YOU ROCK!

The fucking zibai sohai fukedup sinfullybad smelly guguless fugly monash cafeteria(phew)= nasi lemak biasa ,ayam,sayur..taste bad..rm8..go fuk urself real hard before u can charge me that price la zibai kia u!

ok enuff of that..ok now..went to uni and foos skjap..2day snake not at all man kakakaka..then i went to class lor e-biz..OWWWW SMTH REALI FUNNY halloran (great lecturer + tutor) did smth funny which WE TOTALLY NOE WASN'T INTENDED (its ok pat!)..ok mr.pat is from aussie and hes got the habit of doing the diu kai sign here in malaysia..u noe how u would slap the top of ur fist when u clinch it..ok..he was talking abt smth not implenting company's plan..and the consequences were (he did the sign)..then the whole class laughed..he was so embarassed hahaha..but its ok!..u din noe it till now and joseph could not stop laughing hahahaha..anyways..class finished and went to futsal..


the futsal was,kim han,sue,wai chien,michie,shereen,nickee,alvin,wenpei,k,johann,azrul,cheechan,halim,hong nien, was there playing..christina (alvins gf) was there to watch all the action that juz wasnt meant to be missed!..wai chien scored her 1st goal of her futsal!!..but sadly..wrong side..OWN GOAL!!!..muahahahahha..she was on the other team and when she was 'celebrating' we all together shouted 'Wai Chien, You're SO SWEET!'..hahaha..then we play play play play then it happened..the thunder struck..babies cried..ppls closed their window..not its not monster movie..its chee chan mis-cue his 'pass' and kena sue's face..uh oh..WUAH IM SURPRISED SUE DIN GO LIKE F*k U CHEE CHAN!!..she juz smiled ans said this in a very slow manner..chee chan before i blow up u better stand further from me..wuah juz yeng!..hahaha..then we play play and azrul joined in and played..WUAH SHEREEN CAN TACKLE WEI..i think shes like the makelele girl version..she chase all loose ball and tackle all..SHE TACKLE UNTIL AZRUL FELL!...u go girl..hahahaha..

match finished hahaha..we all stayed together and chilling lo..WUAH SO FUNNY..itu shereen was taking a walk outside THEN SUDDENLY she came running back to us screaming..coz SO HAPPEN that nickee was changing his pants outside and shereen was blushing hard lol!!..sososososo funny..nickee so kesian let ppl eal taufu hahahahaha!!..btw nickee ur a good player yeah keep it up!..

ok then we went williams and makan..i had ribena special and maggi special butterprawn and some mozarella..hahahha..then michie ordered the most heroic thing that night..SEAFOOD SPAGHETTI!!..rm 30 woohoo..makan 1st time and then SHE FOUND LALAT!!..she halfway thru onli and she told the guy..HE CHANGED A NEW ONE MAN WOOHOO!..then the dissection of took place again..all the DS skills come out not adi can peel shell with fork and spoon hahahaha..alvin was so funny the whole day coz he's so blur and he and christina look so nice together (awww!)..hahahaha..then on the way home from williams we tell ghost story and alvin's personal experience pretty scary too..i told mine la..and we all were freaked out in da car lol..i wasnt reali that scared though lol..

okay done blogging now!! tired..whole day played futsal and then play play..and yeah things are obviously turning better..but..EMO POEM STILL MY THINGAMAJIG!..